Join the Pump-House Gang

Number of stations About 110,000 130,509

Types of gas Regular, medium, premium, and diesel Regular, medium, premium, diesel, as well as biodiesel and E85, for the two people who can use it

Info sources 1.8 million registered users; averages 400,000 to 500,000 unique listings per week About 156,000 users submitting 200,000 to 400,000 listings per week; listings from gas-station companies

Mapping features View prices at a quick glance over a wide area; displays station amenities; removes listings older than 72 hours. Google Maps mashup color-codes listings by freshness; easier to search stations by type of gas and age of data; must zoom in close to see stations.

Mobile features Get info via text messaging or mobile Web site Data available in mobile apps such as Mobio (free, and TeleNav ($10 a month,; planning to launch its own in August.

Member benefits Registered users earn points based on how many listings they provide; can win prizes such as $250 in free gas, natch. Users earn points … for bragging rights.

Ugly but efficient. Perfect if gas prices are your favorite icebreaker. More aesthetically pleasing for users, but there’s less incentive
to participate.FCS