Big Media’s New Face

CBS : Bringing content to Web users via deals to put shows on up-and-coming services, including Bebo and Brightcove. Hedging bets with AOL, Microsoft, etc.

NBC Universal: Its “360” concept turns Heroes into a world that you can join (and even apply for a job). It had 48 million views in eight weeks. Up next: The Office.

News Corp. : Fox will put 2008’s Super Bowl ads on MySpace for fans to watch and obsess over. Advertisers get more than 30 seconds for their $2.7 million.

Time Warner : CNN’s user-generated news site, I-Report, scored more than 11 million hits in one day when Jamal Albarghouti uploaded video of Virginia Tech shooting.

Viacom : Building microsites for all of its popular franchises. Now, fans of Stephen Colbert and Jeff Foxworthy won’t have to see each other at