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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the Future

Letter From the Editor

This issue was created at ground zero. We’ve just moved to 7 World Trade Center, a site destroyed on 9/11 and rebuilt as one of the first gold-level green-certified office buildings in New York. We overlook the Hudson River and Wall Street–and the pit where the Twin Towers once stood. I can see their footprint from my desk.

This is my first letter to readers as editor of this magazine, and my second issue. (That’s me, seated, on the right, in the blue shirt.) I didn’t choose our new site, but I’m proud of it, proud of our owner and our CEO for having the faith and the foresight to embrace this venue as one of possibility in the wake of tragedy. Not everyone is thrilled about the real estate we now occupy. My wife was anxious when I first told her about our new address, reminded of that terrible day in 2001. Some staffers at our company chose not to move with us; the memories were too harsh. But I feel differently. For a magazine like Fast Company, there is no more fitting location for our headquarters: a place that is all about rebirth and potential and the promise of tomorrow.

I am honored to be entrusted with a magazine that has broken so much ground in its 11 years. Fast Company is a publication that doesn’t just report on developments; it stands for something. We embrace the idea that business serves a purpose in our world that goes beyond dollars and cents, and that a responsible and sustainable enterprise can be a vehicle for progress. We believe these higher goals don’t contradict the quest for profitability. On the contrary, we’re convinced businesses that reflect and embody them will be tomorrow’s leaders. We are passionately interested in the nitty-gritty of what makes businesses really work and celebrate the creative people in all types of companies, at all levels, who inspire innovation. I hope this issue–which touches on everything from China’s rising creative class to the challenges facing chief marketing officers to Disney’s intentionally disruptive digital-media team–helps get your wheels turning. I’d love your feedback about this issue, Fast Company in general, and our new ground zero digs. If your firm has new offices to crow about, I’d love to hear about that, too. You can email me at editor@fastcompany.com. And if you find yourself in New York and want a look at our new space, give us a shout. We’d be happy to host a tour.

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Robert Safian is editor and managing director of the award-winning monthly business magazine Fast Company. He oversees all editorial operations, in print and online, and plays a key role in guiding the magazine's advertising, marketing, and circulation efforts.