A Fashion Statement that Takes a Stand

The un-look look
Nau’s clothes don’t announce themselves with logos or obvious technical features. The stripped-down minimalism is a Nau signature. And although the Windshirt is inspired by cycling, it’s not expressly for cycling. “Unlike what a [racing] cyclist might wear–the skintight sausage outfit with a color scheme that looks like someone threw up Skittles–this takes its cues from what the urban bike messenger might wear,” Galbraith says.

Sustainable threads
Nau wants to show that you don’t have to look green to be green. Take color: The Windshirt comes in carbon, sea, and chocolate–three rich but subdued hues that translate across season and setting, extending the product’s life and lessening the need to buy multiple items for different activities. It’s made mostly out of recycled polyester and is itself recyclable. Care is as simple as rinsing in cold water and hang-drying for 15 minutes.

Tech specs
The Windshirt is meant to take you through bitter winds and driving rain. Its fine-gauge knit is durable, superstretchy, and ultra-quiet. Details such as a zipper that starts higher so as not to create a bulge when bending forward on a bike, cuffs cut on a curve so the back of the wrists are covered while keeping the palms free, laser-cut underarm vents, and a collar that turns up and snaps closed for extra protection all enhance performance.