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Let's Play Oddball

Oddball gadgets to pimp out your cell phone.

  • How do I best signal that I'm not entering the 21st century without a fight?
    At an order of magnitude larger than most cell phones, ThinkGeek's Bluetooth Retro Handset ($35) lets you showcase your contrarian side. This anti-space-saving device isn't a mere novelty; calls come in clearly, and the cup shape of the receiver is quite comfortable against your ear. The only quibble: the handle's triangular shape, which makes it difficult to cradle against your shoulder.

  • How can I stay comfortable while gabbing on the phone?
    The embedded microphone and speaker in UrbanTool's perCushion (pricing not set) lets you rest your head comfortably and enjoy music or drift off to sleep while talking on your cell (free nights and weekends!). The world's not ready for a Bluetooth-enabled pillow, so the perCushion isn't being released until 2008. Hopefully by then, the company will fix its severely limited range and ugly color.

A version of this article appeared in the June 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine.