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More gadgets to pimp out your cell phone.

  • The storage on my cell phone isn't enough for all my great content. What else can I use?
    As cell phones morph into multimedia devices (hello, iPhone! ), Seagate's DAVE—digital audio video experience (yeah, we think it's a lame name too)—drive will store all those photos, videos, and ring tones that you just can't bear to erase. About the size of a Razr phone, DAVE can be packed with up to 60 GB of storage, enough for all those movies you downloaded from iTunes.

  • Is there a headset I can bring on the road without lugging along its recharger?
    At just a third of an ounce, Newton Peripherals' MoGo Headset is light and small, about the size of a stick of Wrigley's folded in two. It's designed to be recharged by being clipped into the back of a cell phone or into a PC-card slot in a computer, obviating the need for yet another bulky plug in your carry-on bag. The company promises about six hours of talk time.

A version of this article appeared in the June 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine.