• 06.01.07

Digital Kingdom

How the numbers for Disney’s Digital Kingdom add up.

Since Disney -ABC pioneered selling downloads of TV shows on iTunes, more than 21 million downloads have been sold, for a total of $41,790,000


If the split follows the usual pattern (2/3 to the content provider, 1/3 to iTunes), Disney’s share would be $27,860,000

So far, the new digital projects make up a small fraction of Disney’s $34 billion total revenue

But the pace of digital programming is accelerating

Last summer, the digital group tested streaming video of ABC prime-time hits on; viewers watched 5.7 million episodes during the two-month trial

That number has soared to more than 76 million episodes since the full streaming-video launch in September 2006

Since June 2006, 90 million episodes of Disney Channel shows have been watched at

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