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Fast Talk: Barack Obama's Secret Weapon

Kim Mack

Cochair, Sacramento for Obama
Sacramento, California

Kim Mack, 44, a manager for the county of Sacramento, helped start one of the largest and most active grassroots Barack Obama groups in the country (Mack's husband, Vince, in the background, is a member). Her group is using online social-networking tools to organize and has quickly mushroomed to more than 300 members.

"I have a son who is in Iraq, and I am very displeased with the policies of this administration. Honestly, there wasn't a candidate who inspired me until I really started to pay attention to Obama. After he made his announcement on February 10, I searched online and came up. Whoever came up with that Web site was brilliant—the ability to completely network, get in touch with people who are organizing, and be able to set up events yourself.

I posted on the site, and I figured maybe 10 people would show up at the first meeting. Fifty-five did. At the next one, another 200 people came. If it were not for that Web site, this group in Sacramento would just barely be organized. Now we're able to effect change all across the country. I got an email from a woman in Arkansas who wanted to find out how we've accomplished so much. A couple of weeks later, she had a house party with 70-plus people and three TV cameras. Instead of hitting brick walls, we now have an inspirational process."

A version of this article appeared in the June 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine.