Facebook by the Numbers

Active Users in Millions

(Registered users who have visited the site in a given month)

Zuckerberg’s creation

… consists of 47,000 college, high school, employee, and regional networks.
… handles 600 million searches and more than 30 billion page views a month.
… is the sixth most-trafficked site in the United States, according to comScore Media Metrix.
… is the biggest photo-sharing site on the Web, with, according to comScore, more than 1 billion photos stored on the site and 6 million uploaded daily.
… is growing 3% week over week, measured by number of users.

The Maturing of Facebook

100,000 age 64+
310,000 age 45–63
380,000 age 35–44
3 million age 25–34

Unless otherwise noted, all data from Facebook, for the month of February 2007. Age breakdowns are of registered users as of March 15.

Facebook Employee Networks

  • CIA
  • CNN
  • Ernst & Young
  • IBM
  • IRS
  • Macy’s
  • McDonald’s
  • MySpace
  • Time Inc.
  • Toyota