Cube Talk

Hidden Mojo

Who writes it: Kareem Mayan of Fox’s Interactive Media Labs group and Eric Stephens at Creative Good

The skinny: Ignore talent, Mayan and Stephens warn, and a competitor will “eat your lunch.” A guide to motivation strategies, from Best Buy’s “Results Only Work Environment” to granting time for nonwork passions.

The Future of Work Weblog

Who writes it: Jim Ware, cofounder of Work Design Collaborative

The skinny: Wow–someone who actually refers to his “Web log.” How quaint. But Ware’s views are forward-looking. His main beef: Business still doesn’t use technology productively. “How come,” he asks, “distributed work is still ‘the next big thing’?”


Who writes it: An exec at a “large company that manages to think small”

The skinny: Office-gripe blogs abound, but few are as eloquent as this. How many posters accurately quote Shakespeare (“Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds”) in bemoaning bonuses based on outdated employee objectives?