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Time = Money

Round-trip options for a business trip with three days' advance notice. At booking, DayJet customers pick a 2.5-hour or 5-hour departure window (a precise takeoff time arrives via email or cell phone the night before). In return for up-front flexibility, customers get a sweeter deal: Taking travel time into account, the lower fare here is less than half the cost of driving. DayJet expects some 80% of revenues to come from customers who would otherwise travel by car.

A theoretical business trip: Boca Raton to Pensacola, Florida


Time: 18 hrs., 40 min.
Cost: $1,385
(mileage + hotel + time*)

Commercial Airline

Fixed schedule

Time: 5 hrs. (via Atlanta)
Cost: $625
(fare** + time*)


2.5-hour departure window

Time: 2 hrs., 20 min. Cost: $1,710 (fare + time*)

5-hour departure window

Time: 2 hrs., 20 min. Cost: $625 (fare + time*)

* Calculated at $50/hour
** Representative price at press time

A version of this article appeared in the May 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine.