Back to School

2¢ Worth

Who writes it: David Warlick, who runs the Landmark Project, a consultancy for teachers in North Carolina.

The skinny: Warlick’s two cents, all on a broad range of school topics, are actually pretty meaty. But his real passion is technology, and strategies for reaching kids in the Internet era. “How many leaders are we losing when we teach them to be taught,” he writes, “instead of teaching them to teach?”

Moving At The Speed Of Creativity

Who writes it: Wesley Fryer, director of education advocacy for AT&T in Oklahoma.

The skinny: Long, articulate posts on school reform, creativity, technology–and seemingly whatever else comes to mind. “Why do young children love show-and-tell so much? Why do teachers feel so pressured to sharply limit … show-and-tell time?”

Joanne Jacobs

Who writes it: Joanne Jacobs, a freelance writer and author

The skinny: There’s a ton of research out there on education, much of it impenetrable. Jacobs makes it acces–sible for non-wonks. She also unearths best practices (such as how Lego Mind–storms engages girls in science) and the worst (Texas’s attempted cupcake ban).