Best Blogs: Social Calls

Donor Power Blog

Who writes it: Jeff Brooks, creative director of Merkle Domain, a direct-response agency for nonprofits

The skinny: The philanthropic realm has long resisted anything smacking of profit. But Brooks shows how smart business strategies can be applied in the realm of nonprofit fund-raising, branding, and management. As he admonishes, “If you’re not also giving donors something far better than a receipt, you’re not doing your job.”

Houtlust Nonprofit Advertising

Who writes it: Marc van Gurp, Web designer for Adformatie, a Dutch advertising magazine

The skinny: Watching public-service ads doesn’t have to be like eating vegetables. Van Gurp collects inventive video and print ads for nonprofits from around the world, like a British “encourage someone you hate to start smoking” campaign and a parody of Apple ads showing that both Macs and PCs contain hazardous materials.

Philanthropy 2225

Who writes it: Lucy Bernholz, a consultant to foundations

The skinny: An accessible roundup and analysis of emerging trends. Recent posts profiled Silicon Valley entrepreneurs-turned-philanthropists, whose connections and ideas are as important as their wallets. Bernholz observes that Bill Gates–sized donations matter, “but so do the people and their networks that earned those dollars.”