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Drive Thru

A new Internet-powered car-navigation device offers hope for avoiding traffic.

Drive Thru

No one likes traffic. But what are you going to do? Even a navigation system's "fastest route" will often lead you into a slow-moving crawl. What we need is a smart device, and our next best hope is Dash Express (from startup Dash Navigation), a Web-enabled navigation tool that will debut in California early in 2007 and go national next summer.

Dash will let you know where the bottlenecks are on multiple routes, so, the company asserts, the device could tell you to stay the course—despite the traffic jam—because it's still the quickest trip. Other navigation systems can't do that. The Web connection lets you search for info while you're driving—like, say, the location of the closest office-supply store if you forgot something for your next meeting. If Dash works as promised, you'll happily tell your old navigation system exactly where it can go.; $600 to $800 (subject to change), plus a monthly subscription fee.

A version of this article appeared in the December 2006/January 2007 issue of Fast Company magazine.