Best Blogs: Social Science


Who writes it: Pete Cashmore, a new-media expert

Why you should read it: Because TagWorld and Facebook aren’t the only networking sites out there. (Ever hear of Piczo?) Cashmore critiques new sites and services, mostly for lack of originality. His advice: “You can’t build the next MySpace. You may think you can, but you can’t.”

Swarming Media

Who writes it: Nathan Lovejoy, an editor for LimeWire

Why you should read it: A savvy–if occasionally academic–look at how people interact via networks. Scary observation: “We desire to be seen by others–through blogging, through social networks, etc.–and this goes hand-in-hand with the urge to make a spectacle of others as we do ourselves.”

Lunch over IP

Who writes it: Bruno Giussani, a business writer and author in Switzerland

Why you should read it: Giussani finds connections among a wide variety of sources, from Marx to Formula One pit crews, to illustrate how consumer-generated content is challenging the old notions of media, as “a thin layer of structure is put on an expanding boiling pot of ideas.”