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Best Blogs: Moneyball

October is peak season for American sports: the World Series, professional and college football, basketball, and hockey are all in full swing. What better time to take a look at the bucks behind the ball (and puck)?

Sportsbiz: The Business of Sports Illuminated

Who writes it: Mark Ament, a corporate attorney who also practices sports law

The skinny: Ament's blog, which cuts a broad swath across pro and college sportsdom, is a good primer on all the different aspects of business in sports, from NCAA recruiting regs and NASCAR-branded romance novels to player lawsuits against the World Poker Tour.

The Sports Economist

Who writes it: Started by Raymond "Skip" Sauer, an economics professor at Clemson University, it's now home to 10 econ profs who really like sports.

The skinny: In this Freakonomics-mad world, there's no subject better suited to ivory-towered analysis than the statistics-rich field of sports. What, say, is Barry Bonds's marginal revenue product? But unlike too many Bill James disciples, these profs don't bog their blog down with data.

Sports Law Blog

Who writes it: Four sports-law professors, plus guest contributors

The skinny: With apologies to Warren Zevon, the common threads through all sport today are lawyers and money (less so guns). While focusing on the legalities—such as the implications of a wrongful-dismissal suit brought by a blind ref—this blog intelligently explains the financial impact of off-the-field goings-on.

A version of this article appeared in the October 2006 issue of Fast Company magazine.