Friday, September 15

Dudes! Party! Surfers and skaters kick off the three-day Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Primers on merchandising and e-commerce are spiked with a mini vert-ramp demo, the Wake ‘n’ Bake Rail Jam, and board-sport fashion shows. Malcolm Gladwell will not be keynoting this one.

Saturday, September 16

At the London Design Festival, young designers gin up cures for modern “ailments” such as iPod addiction and celebrity obsession. The promise: a “revealing commentary on the 21st-century human condition.” Uh-huh. Can they fix our BlackBerry thumb?

Monday, September 18

Satellite-radio cage match: Oprah Winfrey, XM‘s new heavy, takes on Sirius front man Howard Stern. Our money (and $55 million of XM’s) is on O–but don’t count out Howard’s strippers.

Wednesday, September 20

The CW Television Network launches today. Can this mash-up of the WB and UPN, which together racked up almost $2 billion in losses over 11 years, somehow achieve relevance, if not viability? Veronica Mars fans are on the case.FCS