On the Road . . . Again

Who Writes It: Juliana Shallcross, based on accumulated tips and gossip

Why You Should Read It: So you don’t have to settle for a Motel 6 on your next trip. Get irreverent takes on hotels around the world–good deals and bad, bellhops and bedbugs–laced with authoritative dirt on where celebs hang their suit bags. For the hopelessly Internet-addicted, the annual review of best and worst hotel Wi-Fi service is a mustn’t-miss.

Blog: InFlightHQ

Who Writes It: Blog Business Summit founders DL Byron, Steve Broback, Teresa Valdez Klein, and David Lake

Why You Should Read It: Sponsored by Boeing’s in-flight Internet service, these bloggers offer advice and links to gear and services that make your time in the tin can more bearable (such as JetBlue’s free spa products for red-eye flights). Also: Opinionated reports on the airline industry’s missteps, such as Airbus’s Hannibal Lecter–inspired upright “seating.”

Blog: Road Weary

Who Writes It: Public relations consultant Shel Holtz

Why You Should Read It: However unpleasant your travels, Holtz’s are worse. He describes travails with wayward planes, unwelcoming hotels, and inconsiderate fellow passengers–such as Mr. Noisy Smellyfeet. His take: “I despise the airlines, a troubling situation considering how much business I give them.”FCS