Living on technology’s bleeding edge can be a burden, literally: Just how do you lug the latest iPod, BlackBerry, Razr, and smart card to your next meeting?

With panache, if you’re wearing Thomas Pink’s Commuter ($140). After a decade of two-piece minimalism, Petter Lundgren of Savile Row’s Spencer Hart says clients are looking for “neat pocket ideas.” Bespoke is never cheap. But would you rather carry a manpurse? We thought not.

  • Secret cuff pocket lets you store and activate smart cards without removing them. (left sleave)
  • Earphone wires stay tidy when run through an internal placket. (center, behind button liner)
  • Larger front pocket holds a BlackBerry, phone, or MP3 player. (right)
  • Tie ($100) has a special loop to hold an iPod nano.