Dublin, Conquered

The Irish Independent,
November 19, 2005

The arrival of the mega coffee makers’ flagship in Dame Street, Dublin, yesterday morning heralded a mass of people standing in line to get their hands on the world-famous oversized-coffee hits.

Even those who were working brought their lap tops with them, wedged between the ladies who lunch and students chatting over their take-away drinks.

And for once, the usual “queue out the door” cliché was not just a PR line–from the moment when the ribbon was cut, the lines of coffee addicts never eased….

The American have-a-nice-day attitude was prevalent throughout the shop. While it might take time for the locals to warm to being interrupted by a guy in an apron and a pot of coffee wanting to talk coffee beans, the first-day crowd was willing enough….

Kelly Egan (19), from Bray, Co Wicklow, said she liked everything… except for the prices.

“It will be for a treat, really, as it’s too expensive to come here all the time. But I really like it, and the staff [is] so friendly,” said Kelly as she sipped her “sugar kick” caramel mocha.

However, her friend Claire McGrath (18) from Tallaght had a conflicting point of view. “I don’t think I’ll be coming here again. I’m not comfortable with the whole commercial globalism. I think the place is nice, but I don’t like the whole corporate feel.”FCS