Sunday, June 11

It’s about “blurred realities,” “social dances,” “new constructions,” and “domestic bliss.” It’s the PUSH conference, at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis. Smart Mobs author Howard Rheingold and other intellectuals consider how genetics, ethics, social organization, and the like will change what it means to be human. Highlight (we think): a “kids’ philosophy slam”.

Thursday, June 22

Here comes the TV love child of The Apprentice and America’s Next Top Model, for better or worse. House of Boateng, an eight-part documentary on Sundance Channel, chronicles Givenchy fashionista Ozwald Boateng’s American brand launch. Watch him romance investors, cater to celebs, and find time for his kids.

Monday, June 26

This summer’s beach must-read for every tech geek: Pip Coburn’s The Change Function (Portfolio), which explains why some technologies go the way of the iPod and others, the minidisc. If only Coburn had come along in time to prevent the Segway.

Thursday, June 29

If you’re not in Milwaukee for the start of Summerfest 2006, you’re, like, a total loser. Or you’re over 30. The 11-day concert tour–the music industry’s biggie–showcases artists from American Idol‘s Carrie Underwood to goth rockers Nine Inch Nails to R&B queen Mary J. Blige.FCS