HR, Demystified

Who Writes It: Folks at Talent Zoo, an employment mecca for the ad industry

Why You Should Read It: Sassy tips, best practices, book recommendations, and news-worthy items to arm HR professionals for the “war on talent.” Sample offering: A job offer made early in the week is more likely to be accepted than one made Friday. Plus a step-by-step guide on the “art of the offer.”

Blog: George’s Employment Blawg

Who Writes It: Attorney George Lenard and consultant Michael Harris

Why You Should Read It: To keep up with gnarly employment law issues. Lenard and Harris steer clear of legal jargon, making for a blog that’s surprisingly conversational, easy to follow, and relevant even for non-lawyers (e.g., “Everything you ever wanted to know about employment testing–but didn’t know where to ask”).

Blog: Cheezhead

Who Writes It: Joel Cheesman of HRSEO, an online-recruiting consultant

Why You Should Read It: “Online Recruitment’s Most Dangerous Blog,” Cheezhead chronicles how technology is reshaping the HR function. Cheesman loathes “the Trumpasaurus” (i.e., and likens Google’s plans to integrate job content from Google Base into Web search to “readying the troops for Normandy.”FCS