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What you’ll be talking about this month when you talk about work.

Networking is Everybody’s Business The MySpace phenomenon has produced a new wave of social-networking services where you can set up an online home to connect with friends and broadcast your expertise. Notable newcomers include TagWorld and Seth Godin’s Squidoo. These aren’t just for kids. Everyone needs to be using them. Isn’t a Web site enough? No. “People don’t understand the difference between a Web site and a Web presence,” emphasizes Scott Ginsburg, aka “the guy with the name tag.” (Ginsburg wears a name tag to make a point about approachability. He’s been wearing it for more than five years.) He has a Web site, a blog, and a Squidoo page, and writes articles for other Web sites. He regularly gets writing and speaking gigs because people find him through Google–and because of how Google works, the more you’re out there thanks to networking sites, the higher you’ll rank when people search for your expertise. So which social-networking service is for you? All of them….

The Shop Around the Corner Wants You If you thought a career in retailing was just about folding sweaters correctly and impressing your grandfather who was in the shmatte trade, think again. Retailers, no longer willing to lose talented folks to everyone else, are funding new programs on campus to upgrade their fortunes. For example, Wharton now offers an undergrad retail concentration, thanks to Kohl’s department stores. Syracuse, the University of Arizona, Columbia’s b-school, and the Fashion Institute of Technology are all making curriculum changes, folding in business courses with merchandising, to better prepare students to run retail empires. If only we’d entered Bloomingdale’s executive training program like grandpa said….