Other Recommended Reading

Flight Reading

In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders

“Our product cannot read your baby’s mind,” says a representative from a toy corporation in George Saunders’s latest collection of short stories, “although we are probably working on it.” In these dark, biting, and oddly compassionate tales, Saunders’s satirical characters and bureaucracy-laden, brand-name-driven consumer culture present America in a fun-house mirror.

Big Think

Future Hype by Bob Seidensticker

Bob Seidensticker wants you to stop crowing about how much your damn BlackBerry has changed life as we know it. You want a real technological paradigm shift? How about the telegraph? An MIT grad and Microsoft vet, the author sets up and knocks down nine “wrongheaded notions about techno-logical change” in a book that’s sure to top the counterintuitive charts. Oh, and chill out about the Internet, okay?FCS