Off the Vine, Now Online

Who Writes It: Alder Yarrow, tech consultant and wine fanatic

Why You Should Read It: To stay abreast of “the great San Francisco corking debate” and London’s champagne shortage, of course–and to fake connoisseurship with morsels like this: “Certainly anyone who has decided to seriously explore Syrah cannot consider themselves educated until they have had a Clape Cornas.” Vinography is the Web’s most trafficked wine blog.

Blog: Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog

Who Writes It: Tyler Colman, an oenophile (read: wine geek) who teaches at NYU and the University of Chicago

Why You Should Read It: The blog touts itself as “wine talk that goes down easy.” Dr. Vino mixes recs with commentary on the intersection of business, politics, and, of course, wine. He follows, for example, the French industry’s attempt to recover from declining exports and weak domestic consumption.

Blog: Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog

Who Writes It: British wine journalist Jamie Goode, who also runs the online wine magazine

Why You Should Read It: Goode’s varied posts appeal to both “hardened geeks and wine newbies” with specific bottle suggestions as well as perspectives on the science of winemaking. All this from the candid perspective of a working wine journo.FCS