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The Comeback Trail

A few failed ideas from the past 10 years that we're welcoming home.

  • Idea: Buying a car online—painlessly
    Look out for:, still in development, which will let customers do the hitherto impossible—complete the purchase online.
  • Idea: Same-day delivery
    Look out for: Ensenda, a behind-the-scenes service (Best Buy and Ikea are customers) designed to speed home delivery of large items. Instant Web gratification at last.
  • Idea: Used DVD barter (one man's trash is another man's . . .)
    Look out for: Peerflix, which capitalizes on cheap DVD proliferation, the general un-rewatchability of movies, and the growth of peer-to-peer commerce. Anything to get Rudy and Elf out of the house.

A version of this article appeared in the March 2006 issue of Fast Company magazine.