A Tight Family

The Pebl is the latest example of Motorola’s new design-driven strategy, which is built around entire families of products with shared aesthetic elements.

  • Razr
    Grandaddy of Moto’s superthin product line, Razr has sold 24 million units and counting.

  • Pebl
    Razr’s rounder, gentler (and possibly female) cousin, the Pebl has just debuted in the U.S.

  • Slvr
    A no-flip Razr descendant; “candy bars” represent the largest slice of the market.

  • Rokr
    The first-gen Rokr flopped; Moto hopes for better from its Pebl-y kin.

  • Q
    Moto’s would-be BlackBerry killer, another skinny Razr-bred device.

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