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Critical calendar listings for April 2006.

Saturday, April 1

Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art's exhibit Living in Motion: Design and Architecture for Flexible Dwelling takes its last lap this month. North African tents, telecom-wired Levi's, and work from designers such as Isamu Noguchi and Philippe Starck address our caffeinated need to be on the move all the time.

Saturday, April 1

Somehow, between chairing a renegade cable channel and evangelizing on the dangers of global warming, Al Gore found the time to pen a new book on the subject: An Inconvenient Truth. Given his longstanding dedication to the environment, Al's manifesto is likely more than just hot air from another "recovering politician."

Wednesday, April 5

The buzz of PSPs, Treos, and iPods will drown out Las Vegas's slots as wireless worshippers gather at CTIA Wireless 2006. The acronym-choked event—think VoIP, RFID, WiMax—will be headlined by Nokia's Jorma Ollila.

Friday, April 21

Multimedia-razzi from Saatchi, MTV, and other creative camps will gather in Toronto for the three-day Flash in the Can Design & Technology Festival. Flash hipsters such as Geoff McFetridge and Stefan Sagmeister will dish digital wisdom before the clambake devolves into an alcohol-fueled awards ceremony.

A version of this article appeared in the April 2006 issue of Fast Company magazine.