At Your Service

Teach It

While employees at most bank branches are trained in one area of expertise — loan servicing or new accounts, for example — Umpqua’s “universal associates” are cross-trained to serve any customer who walks through the door.

Measure It

Umpqua’s “return on quality” software tabulates things like customer surveys. Each department’s score is published. Besides determining incentives and awards, the rankings foster pride and healthy competition among branches.

Empower It

Umpqua tellers don’t need to ask for approval before doing something customer-friendly, such as waiving a fee. Notably, employees are often more thrifty than their managers and execs.

Reinforce It

“Maintaining a culture is like raising a teenager,” says CEO Ray Davis. “You’re constantly checking in. What are you doing? Where are you going? Who are you hanging out with?”FCS