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Blog: Adrants

Who Writes It: Steve Hall, former media director of RDW Group

Why You Should Read It: Reading Adrants is like eating your vegetables and getting dessert, too: Posts include summaries of in-depth consumer privacy studies, comments on new ad spots, and Ashlee Simpson gossip. It’s opinionated, smart, frequently updated, and often sexed up — just as you’d expect from an insider.

Blog: AdLand

Who Writes It: A community Web log, AdLand allows posts from anyone who registers. The site’s proprietress, Ask Waeppling, a freelance art director known on the site as Dabitch, seems to write most often.

Why You Should Read It: The group-blog approach generates a more diverse array of insights and opinions from registered users, called “adgrunts,” who can view and post comments. The well-designed blog, created in 2000, also offers forums and an ad archive, the latter available for a small fee.

Blog: Advertising Lab @ MIT


Who Writes It: Ilya Vedrashko, a grad student at MIT’s comparative media studies program

Why You Should Read It: Vedrashko’s niche — news on emerging media and advertising technologies — is a respite from the many ad bloggers who just rave about their favorite spots (um, we watch TV too). Vedrashko does more quoting than writing, but his roundup offers an intriguing glimpse into the future.

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