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"Buy Bracelets"

Lance Armstrong's yellow livestrong bracelets have raised more than $30 million to fight cancer since May 2004. They've also set off a thriving aftermarket — and a host of silicone wannabes.

Message Cause Creator Color Price Number sold Remarks
Victory Starts Here Women's cancer research and prevention Athena Partners Pink $1 190,000 Athena has donated two times more from band sales than from proceeds of its actual product, bottled water.
1200 (the daily U.S. death toll from tobacco products) Smoking cessation Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Red 10 for $10 60,000 Wear your wristband on April 13, national "Kick Butts" day.
Beat Bullying Bully cessation British government Turquoise Free 1,000,000 Sold out, so you'll either have to find one on eBay or beat someone up for his.0
Support Our Troops Entertaining soldiers overseas USO (via 7-Eleven stores) Camouflage green $2.99 621,300 Raising hackles because they're made in China, which in 2001 detained a U.S. military aircraft crew.
Keep Doctors In Illinois Medical malpractice reform Doctors in Illinois (partially funded by Pfizer) Neon green 10 cents Nearly 100,000 This one is least likely to be put in a birthday party goodie bag.
Baller, Team, Respect, others Making money Nike Various $5 for three Company won't disclose Nike says these bands existed before the Lance craze, but it has sure surfed the wave.

A version of this article appeared in the April 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.