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These days, for better or worse, everyone seems to be a blogger. How to know what's worth reading? This month, Fast Company unveils our top picks from the ever-expanding blog universe — starting with the best from the world of venture capital.

Blog: Feld Thoughts
Who writes it: Brad Feld, managing director, Mobius Venture Capital
Why you should read it: Everybody else does. Feld, a voracious reader, writes helpful missives that range from negotiation advice to discussion of software trends, mixed with a colorful dose of personal posts that let you know the man behind the blog. Says one fan: "Subscribing to his blog is like adding a board member to your team without the stock-option grants."

Blog: The J Curve
Who writes it: Steve Jurvetson, managing director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Why you should read it: Whether or not you agree with Jurvetson's nanotech evangelism, his intelligent, if sometimes abstruse, comments on everything from genomics to the importance of a childlike mind are a nice reprieve from the usual blogosphere back scratching. If only he'd post more often.

Blog: BeyondVC
Who writes it: Ed Sim, managing director, Dawntreader Ventures
Why you should read it: Unlike most bloggers, Sim takes time to write long, meaty musings on everything from working with bad customers to running efficient board meetings. Plus, he's been at it since October 2003, longer than many, so there's a wealth of helpful archives to explore.

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A version of this article appeared in the March 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.