Best Business Blogs: Venture Capital

An expanded list of our favorites.

Blog: Feld Thoughts

Who Writes It: Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Mobius Venture Capital

Why You Should Read It: Everybody else does. Feld, a voracious reader, writes helpful missives that range from negotiation advice to software trends, mixed in with a colorful dose of personal posts that lets you know the man behind the blog. Says one fan: “Subscribing to his blog is like adding a board member to your team without the stock option grants.”


Blog: Beyond VC

Who Writes It: Ed Sim, Managing Director of Dawntreader Ventures, previously known as SoundView Ventures

Why You Should Read It: Unlike most bloggers, Sim takes the time to write long, meaty musings on everything from working with bad customers to running efficient board meetings. Plus, he’s been at it since October 2003, which is longer than many, so there’s a wealth of helpful archives to explore.

Blog: The J Curve

Who Writes It: Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and legendary Hotmail angel investor

Why You Should Read It: Whether or not you agree with Jurvetson’s nanotech evangelism, his intelligent, if sometimes abstruse, comments on everything from genomics to software to the importance of a childlike mind are a nice reprieve from the usual blogosphere backscratching. If only he’d post more often.

Blog: Southeast VC

Who Writes It: Jason Caplain, a partner with Southern Capitol Ventures

Why You Should Read It: Don’t let the name fool you. Caplain may be based in North Carolina, but he writes a blog of interest to entrepreneurs everywhere. His is no mere linked-up stream of consciousness; Caplain, who has a biotech bent, quotes other southeast VCs and often writes thoughtful commentary and advice. For his 2005 predictions, for example, he asked six local VCs to look into their crystal ball, reporting the results. His own forecast? “Venture capitalists will remain incredibly selective. For the most part, the days of funding just an idea are gone.”


Blog: Infectious Greed

Who Writes It: Paul Kedrosky, Venture Fellow, Ventures West and adjunct professor, management of technology, Simon Fraser University.

Why You Should Read It: Kedrosky, who subtitles his blog “Musing About the Money Culture,” ventures often into the investing world, with a healthy dose of VC musings on the side. (On Kleiner Perkin’s hiring of former Sun Chief Scientist Bill Joy: “You have to hand it to Kleiner. You get guru frisson, you get boffo column-inches, and you get an enlarged deal network, and it is all wrapped in one wild-haired package.”) Kedrosky, who writes a column in Canada’s National Post, has a sharp, witty voice and is never lacking an opinion.


Who Writes It: Jeff Nolan, Venture Capitalist, SAP Ventures

Why You Should Read It: Nolan’s frequent “main dish” bullet-point posts provide a snappy, opinionated, and often funny roundup of tech and VC-related news and tidbits. His teasing style (“I thought this was interesting”) will have you clicking all over the Internet, which can be both tantalizing and annoying at the same time. Still, he covers more ground than most VCs, and updates the blog almost daily with plenty worth reading. Though he can be light on original content, Nolan promises more for 2005.

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