A Blog Masala

Blog: Youth Curry–Insight on Indian Youth
Who writes it: Rashmi Bansal, editor and publisher of JAM (Just Another Magazine)
Why you should read it: Bansal’s blog lives up to its name, offering spice on the lives of young Indian consumers–from popular songs and reality-TV-show stars to what’s stylish on Mumbai campuses. Bansal also posts on issues important to youth in India’s growing economy, such as entrepreneurship and glass ceilings.

Blog: The Indian Economy Blog
Who writes it: Five Indian bloggers and a handful of guest contributors
Why you should read it: This roundup of articles, usually with blogger commentary, includes discussions on what’s holding back economic reform in India and notes on why a debate on social responsibility in the magazine Reason with Whole Foods founder John Mackey should have included Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata.

Blog: Ashish’s World!
Who writes it: Ashish Kumar, former Microsoftie and cofounder of New Delhi-based Tekriti software
Why you should read it: The musings of an ambitious entrepreneur make for an inspiring read. Kumar writes on Indian design schools, tech news, and cricket, but best are his passionate posts about starting a company: “Even when I am drawing a very modest salary, there hardly is anything better than working on something that you absolutely believe in.”FCS