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Experience the Message by Max Lenderman

For several years, an 18-wheel, 27-stall Porta Potti, dubbed “Potty Palooza,” has been traveling the country, handing out tens of thousands of rolls of Charmin toilet paper. Why? Because someone at P&G realized that the 4,000 advertising messages that bombard Americans each and every day aren’t driving home the message. Looking for life after the 30-second ad? A veteran experiential marketer hits the road with hands-on marketing leaders Apple, Toyota, the U.S. Army, and many others in search of ad alternatives.

From Our Writers

The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman
Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst by Dan Reingold with Jennifer Reingold

In January, Penguin Press will publish contributing writer Charles Fishman’s The Wal-Mart Effect, excerpted on page 66, which grew out of a December 2003 Fast Company cover story. In February, Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst, cowritten with senior writer Jennifer Reingold, will be available in bookstores from Collins.FCS