• 01.01.06


Critical calendar listings for January 2006.

January 1

“The Revolution,” such as it is, begins: Howard Stern makes the first live broadcast of his five-year, $500 million deal with Sirius Satellite Radio from his pimpin’ new offices, fitted with waterproof walls and the almighty stripper pole. Watch Viacom’s Sumner Redstone cringe while his former employee, Sirius chief Mel Karmazin, basks in Stern’s reflected, uncensored glory.


January 1

If neither staggering gas prices nor Cameron Diaz has inspired you to trade in your Hummer for a hybrid, maybe new federal tax breaks will. Starting today, consumers who purchase the first 60,000 models sold by each hybrid manufacturer–Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Ford–are eligible for a tax credit that could top $2,000. But grab your bifocals first: There’s a lot of fine print.

January 9

The iPod’s “halo effect” will hover over San Francisco as Apple zealots gather for Macworld Expo. After the ritual Steve Jobs keynote, look for skull sessions on the “podcast economy,” a homage to George Lucas, and the ultrageek MacBrainiac Challenge.

January 19

Cineastes, celebs, and legions of studio acquisition execs will park for 10 days in Park City, Utah, for Robert Redford’s 22nd Sundance Film Festival. They’ll catch a few of the 100-plus indie flicks, complain that L.A. never gets this cold, and battle over rights to the next Sideways.

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