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I'd Give an Eyetooth . . .

...for a new Bluetooth wireless headset. We review two of the latest, sleekest models.

Jabra BT350

Over-the-ear design can get irritating, especially with glasses.

Sound Quality
You’ll hear loud and clear; the person on the other end may struggle if you’re in a loud spot.

Talk Time/Charging Options
Seven hours of talk time, and you can charge it via your notebook.

Geek Factor
You're spared the big wraparound mouthpiece that makes you look like a drive-thru worker. Still, you wouldn't look out of place at a comic-book convention.

Grade B

Plantronics Discovery 640

Light enough that you'll forget it's in your ear.

Sound Quality
Slightly better for your talking partner than the Jabra, but still best to avoid using outside.

Talk Time/Charging Options
Fifteen hours of talk time, plus adapters so you can charge it with the same plug as your cell phone.

Geek Factor
It looks as if the Tin Man's fingertip is coming out of your ear. Still, the silver design is rather sleek and stylish.

Grade A-

A version of this article appeared in the December 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.