Green Thumbs

Blog: Two Steps Forward
Who writes it: Joel Makower, founder of the Green Business Network and a consultant on environmental strategy
Why you should read it: Green-biz guru Makower writes smart, elegant (and lengthy!) posts that explore corporate sustainability strategies, such as Volvo’s carbon-dioxide-neutral manufacturing plant or Electrolux’s green marketing efforts. He also alerts readers to the latest research on such topics as consumers’ environmental attitudes.

Blog: Cleantech Investing
Who writes it: Rob Day, a principal with Expansion Capital Partners, a venture firm that invests in clean technologies
Why you should read it: Day’s personal blog offers both general insights into the world of alternative energy and details on the startups he’s watching. While his posts aren’t popping with personality, they do provide timely intelligence from the front lines of alternative energy.

Blog: TreeHugger
Who writes it: Self-proclaimed “designpreneur” Graham Hill heads 16 writers.
Why you should read it: The “definitive, modern yet green lifestyle filter” is less about green business than green consumption. Between links to sites selling organic cotton T-shirts and handbags made from reclaimed plastic bags are newsy posts–such as one on Safeway’s shift to renewable energy–to guide the discriminating green consumer.FCS