December 1

Fact: Mattel has produced more cars than Detroit’s Big Three combined. And 60% of Americans have owned at least one pair of Converse sneakers in their lifetime. This essential business trivia comes courtesy of Made in America: From Levi’s to Barbie to Google, hot off the press, which traces the quirky genesis of 200 iconic “made in America” products.

December 7

Euro companies saddled with nation-specific .fr’s and .be’s can now do battle for a new domain extension–the .eu. Will it translate? The name game has been brewing since the 1990s, but there’s speculation it could turn out to be a dot-thud like its .info and .biz predecessors.

December 13

Nerdfest! At Singapore’s Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems 2005, they’ll groove on DNA computing, intelligent control, and humanoids–like sci-fi, only real. Check out Saab Aerosystems’ session on “autonomous unmanned air vehicles.” (

December 16

Inspired by Carl Honore’s “slow movement,” Kansas City, Missouri’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art debuts “Decelerate,” a two-month exhibit by 10 artists rebelling against our obsession with schedules, speed, and stress. Bonus: free vino on opening night to help adjust your internal clock. (

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