Other Recommended Reading


Spark by John Winsor
If cocreation–letting customers in on the product development process–is such a great idea, how come all the books about it are written by one person? Former magazine editor John Winsor gives up the mike to 16 cocreation trailblazers, creative directors, CEOs, and product developers from customer-curious companies such as Lego, Herman Miller, and Miller Brewing. A workbook in the truest sense, each chapter features an open notes section as well as resources for further study.

Flight Reading

Knockoff by Tim Phillips
Software, drugs, car parts, purses–from luxury goods to everyday commodities, counterfeiting drains more than $500 billion from legitimate markets each year. That’s 7% of the world’s trade hidden off the balance sheets. Fast paced and high drama, Knockoff takes on some of the big questions behind buying fakes (yes, you could be funding terrorists) and closely follows the moves of two rival economies–the legit and the knockoff–where private companies do their own detective work and band together to fund police stings.