Survey: A Small World After All

Your competition is everywhere. And increasingly, “everywhere” includes emerging markets.

The Fast Track Competition Survey, a joint venture with IMD business school and recruiter Egon Zehnder International, plumbed the future of this brave new world. The result: 45.3% of 847 online respondents believe that 20 years from now the global markets will be totally seamless, without regard to where products or services originate.


But the ramifications are arriving sooner. Survey participants said that within five years, their employers will face strong competition from companies based in:

China 46.3%
India 42.7%
Korea 22.3%
Taiwan 21.6%
Brazil 16.1%

However, it’s one thing for developing nations to supply programmers and contract manufacturing and another for them to actually sell in the United States. Among American consumers and businesses, respondents predicted resistance to brands and products from:


Arab nations 67.8%
Pakistan 32.0%
China 29.8%
India 24.9%
Former Soviet republics 18.7%

To the point, 43% agreed that they’d be less likely to buy a personal computer from Chinese-owned Lenovo than from its predecessor company, IBM. And when asked to name a company based in an emerging nation that they admired, 18.7% didn’t (or couldn’t) identify one. Here are the companies the rest picked:

Lenovo (China) 4.8%
Tata (India) 4.5%
Infosys (India) 4.1%
Samsung (South Korea) 3.2%
Hyundai (South Korea) 2.9%


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