Analyze This

Who writes it: Joseph Laszlo, research director at JupiterResearch for broadband and wireless services

Why you should read it: Laszlo’s writing is smart, accessible, and funny. In his pithy summary of the Supreme Court’s Grokster file-sharing decision, he dissects crucial technical passages while remarking that Justice David Souter is hip to indie band Modest Mouse. Indeed, many of the Jupiter analysts’ blogs are sharp and well-written.

Blog: Charlene Li’s Blog

Who writes it: Charlene Li, an analyst at Forrester Research in San Francisco

Why you should read it: Li’s is the only Forrester analyst blog that’s open to the public. While her posts about the blog world will be interesting only to the rest of that cliquish sphere, musings on her discussions with insiders from companies such as Yahoo, Verizon, and Google give readers astute insights into the latest technology trends.

Blog: What’s on Tonight?

Who writes it: Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner who covers search and digital media

Why you should read it: Weiner’s personal blog, focused on digital media, includes enough video clips and podcasts to keep you watching and listening almost more than reading. These “MADcasts,” hosted by fellow Gartner analyst Mike McGuire, are no “Car Talk”–but they do bring freewheeling takes on news of the day.FCS