Where the good jobs are

The Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst has developed a Work Environment Index to rate each state’s appeal for workers. It considers opportunities, job quality (e.g., average wages, health benefits), and workplace fairness (e.g., pay equity between men and women). Delaware, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, and Iowa are the top five. “Sexy” states such as California (no. 33) and Texas (no. 50) don’t measure up. As it turns out, you’ll make 12% less in Texas than in Delaware (cost-of-living adjusted) and your chance of being unemployed in Texas is 63% higher than in Delaware.

Podcasts worth the megabytes

Check out the new career podcasts at advertising job site–especially The Naked Career, starring Sally Hogshead, former Crispin Porter & Bogusky bigfoot, interviewing ace creative directors. The 15-minute chats are provocative and useful–basically everything Hogshead’s book, the vapid Radical Careering, isn’t.

I’m mad as hell, what am I going to do about it?

Frustrated at work? Vent in secret at Web site (One manager, joined midrant: “Other than the examples above and the lack of programming [skills], he’s really just a dumbass.”) Or better yet, learn from those with scars. is a new blog and Google group that posts a weekly conundrum, such as what to do about a star worker who can’t function in a team. The best solutions get summarized on the blog.FCS