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Critical calendar listings for November.

November 4

Computer-animated Chicken Little, the first truly three-dimensional film, opens today in 100 theaters across the country, courtesy of Disney, ILM, and Dolby Labs. You still wear glasses, but not the dorky paper red-and-blue jobs.

November 11

PodKive, Podvertiser, and Podblaze—they'll be among the emerging "iPod economy" players at the two-day Portable Media Expo & Podcasting Conference in Ontario, California. Find out why NASA's is the year's hottest podcast, and learn how to prevent dreaded podcast backfire.

November 11

Yoga, wheatgrass . . . now, add the Creativity Workshop to your Treo to-do list. Exercises in guided visualization, storytelling, free-form writing, and photography at this four-day NYC creativity-fest promise to free your problem-solving chakra.

November 21

Bohos trapped between boring gray dividers can jaunt down to Longboat Key, Florida, for Discovering Design, Herman Miller's traveling exhibit of mid-20th-century industrial furniture—before cubes ruined everything. It offers new twists on old faves like Noguchi and Aalto.

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A version of this article appeared in the November 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.