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Here's My Card...

When font selection isn't enough to keep your business card on top, enter video.

CEO IQ's rCard

about $25.00

What if your business card could hold every project you've ever done instead of just contact info? The rCard has a video screen, 1 GB capacity, and will sell for about $25. It's available initially for corporate customers in January (think turbocharged press kit); CEO IQ, its manufacturer, plans a retail version for early April.

  • A USB port allows users to recharge the card and upload and download data.
  • About the size of 10 business cards stacked together, and durable enough to stuff in your wallet—just not many of them, frankly.
  • A five-button pad lets you navigate the contents of the card.
  • The waferlike battery keeps the rCard humming for about 200 viewings, or four hours of continuous use.

A version of this article appeared in the January/February 2006 issue of Fast Company magazine.