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Critical calendar listings for September 2005.

September 12

Mickey Mao makes his debut at Hong Kong Disneyland, the $3.5 billion theme park already maligned by environmentalists for its politically incorrect shark's-fin soup. But no worries: 57% of the bill is being footed by Chinese taxpayers who hope to reap a windfall from the expected 5.6 million tourists each year. Takes some sting out of outsourcing, no? (

September 15

Part revival meeting, part cerebral playground, the biennial AIGA Design Conference at Boston's Hynes Convention Center will be anything but a PowerPoint parade. Musicians, geneticists, performance artists, and environmentalists will be on hand to inspire fresh thinking. The Design Legends Gala? Black tie, natch. (

September 26

All the unstarving artists trapped in lucrative ad-agency gigs flash their real talents during NYC's Advertising Week. See Donny Deutsch types doing their best David Bowie riffs at Fluid Battle of the Ad Bands III at the Supper Club. The ad-palooza wouldn't be complete without Texas Hold 'em at the Friars Club. (

September 28

By now, M. Diddy — the diva formerly known as Martha Stewart — has made her reality-show debut on NBC's new The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Swapping her shackles for a spatula, Martha, we imagine, will trump you-know-who's ratings. But hey, when does Bernie Ebbers get his reality show? (

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A version of this article appeared in the September 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.