CEO See-Ya!

This month: Richard Thalheimer, CEO of Sharper Image


Duller Image

Sharper Image

CEO: Richard Thalheimer
Tenure: 28 years


Five-Year Record*

Total Shareholder Return: -28.2%
Peer Index Return:70.3%
Russell 3000 Index Return:-13.9%
Total CEO Pay:$12.4 million

Oh, to be a specialty retailer, especially one that in 2004 got an estimated 24% of its sales from one product–the Ionic Breeze–that Consumer Reports called a potential health risk. Despite offering an ozone-reducing model, Sharper Image has seen same-store sales continue to slide. CEO and founder Richard Thalheimer, who declined to comment on this story, has also overseen three years of financial restatements attributed to improper lease accounting. Yet Thalheimer’s board, which includes his dad, keeps his pay sharp enough to earn a D in Glass, Lewis’s pay-for-performance model.

*Data from Glass, Lewis & Co. and FactSet Research Systems for five years ending August 17, 2005.