The Incredible Shrinking Peripheral

The busy business-travel season is upon us, and as roller bags fill with business cards and reports to read, there’s less and less room for the essentials you truly need, much less your collection of minibar bottles and conference-floor tchotchkes. Here, a preview of three new (or soon-to-come) microsized gadgets that leave plenty of space for all your trade-show schwag.

Kensington PocketMouse Wireless Micro

Just a little bigger than its furry namesake, Kensington’s optical PocketMouse Wireless Micro ($49.99) is a tiny 2 inches by 3.25 inches. The USB receiver tucks into its back end, shutting off the mouse when not in use and saving battery life and space.

Linksys Travel Router

If you can surf the Web in bed at home, why not do so in your hotel room, too? Linksys’s new Travel Router ($99.99) lets you go wireless anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Unlike almost all others of its ilk, this router doesn’t require you to lug around a bulky AC/DC converter–a retractable plug is built right in. It also comes with security encryption, so the guy in the next room won’t be able to hack into your PC.

Mitsubishi DLP PocketProjector

Finally, coming in early December, Mitsubishi’s 14-ounce DLP PocketProjector ($799) is just about the size and weight of a Tom Clancy paperback. While it won’t help make PowerPoint presentations any less numbing, at least the projector you use to show them won’t have the same effect on your arm.