The Gadgeteers

BLOGS: Gizmodo and Engadget

WHO WRITES IT: Joel Johnson is editor of Gizmodo; Peter Rojas edits Engadget.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM: The granddaddies of gadget blogs, Gizmodo and Engadget are owned by the dueling blog empires of Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis, respectively. The prose is punchy, with both posting at least a dozen entries daily, but there are lots of ads and, on Gizmodo, no reader comments.

BLOG: AkibaLive

WHO WRITES IT: Mike Wilson is editor.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: Because we all want what we can’t have — and for gadget geeks, that’s gizmos from Japan. This roundup from Tokyo’s electronics district includes such envy-inducing items as jewel-toned aluminum iPod Shuffle cases. AkibaLive is owned by, which sells high-tech Japanese devices (sushi-shaped USB thumb drives!) to us poor gaijin.

BLOG: Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women

WHO WRITES IT: Nine gadget-obsessed women in the United States and abroad

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: We know what you’re thinking. This blog’s Hello Kitty obsession, along with its subhead — what, we can’t use the same tech as men? — nearly drove us away too. But we were won over by unusual offerings like the electronic eye-zone massager.

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