Slave Wages

“Resolved, that the president…and Messrs. Phinizy and Clayton be authorized to purchase 12 young negroes for the use of the Rail Road to be put to such service as the board may direct.”

— 1836

“A question was raised whether the Road should be charged with the hire of the negroes owned by the company or with interest on their cost; and it was determined that it should be charged with the interest; and further, that inasmuch as the negroes have increased in value…the value of the four that have died should not be carried to profit and loss.”

— 1838

“An account for C.M. Lyle amounting to $59.50 for clothing for the company’s negroes, was…ordered to be paid.”

— 1838

“On motion the President was authorized to purchase 10 male negroes, on the best possible terms. . . .”

— 1850

“Prime and orderly gang of 25 negroes accustomed to the culture of cotton, rice, and provisions will be sold at public auction by P.J. Porcher and Baya on Tuesday, January 10, 1860, at 11 o’clock a.m.”

— 1860

“Know all men by these presents, that I, for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand Dollars…do bargain, sell, and deliver to the said C.T. Lowndes the following named slaves — with their Issue to wit — Quash, Daphney, John, Molly, Jacky, and Kate….”

— 1861